Andy Emerson

5K18:23Heart for Africa 2009
10K38:42Thanksgiving Pie Run 2009
1/2 Marathon1:23:51Sedalia 2010
Marathon2:57:47Boston 2008
50K4:17:50Q50 Ultra 2009
100 mi21:21:22Kettle Moraine 2010

DOB: 1968

How long have you been running? I ran track and cross country in junior high and high school at a small school in Iowa that didn't even have a track. One year we had only 3 people on the cross country team and traveled to meets in a car. For track I ran the 1 or 2 mile distance. Otherwise, I ran off and on for many years and didn't become serious about distance running until 2004 when I ran my first marathon (Heart of America). Ever since, I've been a consistent runner.

Who has influenced you most in running? In Junior High my PE teacher encouraged me to run cross country after watching me complete 2 full laps around the block in PE class. The runners in the Saturday group and Tuesday/Thursday group that I run inspire me to keep running.

Weekly mileage: 55 - sometimes less and sometimes more

What is your favorite workout? I like variety, but anything from long trail runs at Rock Bridge State Park to running with different groups, running with my spouse, and running alone.

What is your favorite place to run? Rock Bridge State Park

What are your running accomplishments? My greatest accomplishment is that I ran my first 100 mile trail run in June 2010 after being diagnosed with a bulging disk in October 2009 that left me questioning whether I would run very far again.

What are your running goals? To continue to enjoy running as long as possible. I really don't have any time goals. I will just keep doing my best and running to stay healthy.

Personal information and interests: I run a variety of races at all distances from 5K to 100 miles. I like to work out with weights at home when I am not out running. I also enjoy eating at Roly Poly to fuel my runs. I enjoy time off from work relaxing at home with the family (pets & Hugh) or taking a road trip to a race or other destination.