Alison Hodgson

Personal Records:

1500m 5:02 (ASU meet)
3000m 10:49 (Arkadelphia)
5 km 17:39 (Firecracker 5k)
10 km 38:14 (Firefighter 10k)
10 mile 1:04 (FLAG run)
half marathon 1:27:26 (Memphis)
marathon 3:11 (Twin Cities)
let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us. Hebrews 12:1

Weekly mileage:
currently 40 or less

DOB: March 1 1979

Running Highlights: All-Conference 1st team ‘99, NCAA All-Academic ’97-’00, Div.II All-Academic All-American Collegiate Scholar, ATU school records 1500m, 3000m…(yes, I’m serious…it was a very small school, but hopefully they’ve been broken by now).

When Did You Start Running?
I was a walk-on to the ATU cross-country team while attending college in Russellville, AR. My roommate was on the team, so I started running their morning workouts with them. There were only 5 girls on the team, so the coach was more than glad to let me run.

Who Is Your Running Role Model? Who Has Influenced You Most In Running?  My college coach, Tom Aspel, definitely had the biggest impact on my running development and knowledge of the sport. Cross-country was a new concept to me when I began, and he sort of opened my eyes to the running world and all that was out there. My coach was also very encouraging of my ability and potential. Dick Hessler and Michele McFadden have also been tremendous mentors in my post-collegiate life as a runner.

What Is Your Favorite Workout? Tempos and pace runs of varying distance 4-10 miles; golf-course loops in the snow, and easy runs with my hubby and dogs.

What Is Your Favorite Training Route? The MKT is definitely a favorite of mine. I think we are really lucky to have such a wonderful trail to run on here in Columbia. It’s much easier on the legs than continually pounding the pavement, and it’s beautiful to run on through the fall and into winter.

Personal Info and Interests: I am also a member of the Columbia Multisport Club and recently began helping with the Colts cross-county team practices. I am married to my best friend, Daniel, and we have two precious dogs, Mia and Remy. I am an aspiring photographer/photojournalist and love to travel. If anyone at National Geographic is reading this--I am available.