Donald R Lakey

Donald R Lakey Date & place of birth: 22 July 1950, Kansas City

Running history: Steady from 1964 to 1990; on and off since, including ill health in the 21st Century.

Running influences: Down Under, Peter Snell [New Zealand], Ronnie Clark [Aust]

Training: Weight lifting [prep coach Richard 'Dick' Cochran, at Ruskin HS, KCMO, UM1960 Olympic Bronze Medalist Men's Discus]; 'over distance' approximately ten mile daily from 1965 to 1985; occasional ultra marathon, all-day jaunts [1980s]; various bike, trike, swimming, and walking.

Favorite workout: Overdistance, 15K /nine miles continuous, some mid run surges.

Favorite place to run: Pretty much anywhere in Tijuana [Baja Mexico] or San Diego County [California]

Running accomplishments: Minor, VERY MINOR, record setting. Even sprints, I was often timed WITH A CALENDAR! My mark on the sport comes from the [often neglected] support mode. I started [UM's near sub four miler Robin Lingle] what is often called the largest running autograph collection in the country. I display Olympic memorabilia in local schools and libraries, including Heart of America Marathon stuff [1967 survivor's trophy] and signature samples.

I helped KSU Librarian and beloved Missouri Valley RRC founder Arne Richards with Mo Valley RRC Quarterly [Mimeographed purple letter sized sheets], Distance Running News [nee Runners World]. Fought for all metric global [IAAF] records, 40K/ 25mile marathons, and [my phrase, not Joe Henderson's] LSD.

Involved in early run-bike-swim triathlons [San Diego Track Club, PRIOR TO Hawaiian Iron Man] and ultra marathons. Promoted full female events slate; Athens for 1996 games; Ron Clark as 2000 Olympic torch lighter; 'off year' Winter games.

I won minor [VERY MINOR] dormitory races [Polk House] at UM.

Running goals: Regain my physical health. Seven surgeries in last 20 months, including both big toe nails. I believe I have found [PERSONALLY] what killed my buddies Arne Richards [1979] and Jim Fixx [1984], both 'on the run'.

My grand mother [an LPN] walked every day until 86. She died of an Abdominal Aortic Anabolism at 89. My aorta [3 cm for adult women, 4 cm for men] has swollen up double with little symtomology. One darn procedure after another. But the 'results' are just not showing up.

With out my decades of running I'd probably be dead now ---- but my exercise also probably aggravated the pressure on the blood vessels. [Ya can't win for losing!]

Personal info: Hickman Mills [Hickman's Mill] storm survivor [1957], minor West Coast earth quakes. Military [rocket scientist] in Arid Zona, including making friends with U of A distance heavy weights. Civilian life in Tucson and Phoenix. Civilian life in Southern California. World traveler until 1975 [Dad worked for TWA]. Have not left the country [sans Nogales and Ti Juana] since.

Carole Duncan's English student at UM.

Love off beat architecture, like geodesic domes. Would loved to have immigrated to Gibraltar, American Samoa, Singapore, Costa Rica, New Zealand, or Australia.
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