James Harrington

James Harrington

Personal Records

5K23:31Nut Race 2007
10K47:55 Cranberry Crawl 2007
Half Marathon1:53:00Clearwater Halfathon 2007
Marathon 4:03:50 Little Rock 2008

Age? 34

How long have you been running? About 5 years now. I actually started walking on a treadmill and worked my way up to 6 miles during half of an NFL football game on TV. In an effort to cover the distance in less time, I began to run/walk until I could run continuously.

Is there a major milestone you remember most about beginning to run? I remember the first time I ran 10 miles on the Columns Run on a Saturday morning with Tina, Steve, Lisa and others. We had coffee afterwards and I went home and slept for 3 hours straight. I couldn't believe others would come into town, run 10 miles and then go shopping or do work projects afterward.

What is your typical weekly mileage? Normally, I run 5 days a week and try to include a group run, so I shoot for 25-30 miles. Somewhere around 35 miles or more in a week, and my body starts to show wear and tear.

What is your favorite workout? I enjoy any run in the company of friends.

What is your favorite place to run? Outside and in daylight. I hate to use the "dreadmill", unless I'm travelling.

What are your biggest running accomplishments? I'd say the marathon. In 2006, I ran St Louis in 4:53:49 and in 2007, I had a new PR of 4:05:43. It was quite a change of pace, especially since I tracked my fast food intake between January 1, 2007 and April 15, 2007 during which I ran 378 miles and ate 84 double cheeseburgers, for an average of 4.5 miles per double cheeseburger. Quite the improvement when you take my diet into consideration. My PR at Little Rock of 4:03:50 was on a healthier diet, but the starting temperature was near 60 degrees in 2008. My St. Louis races started at a near optimum 35 degrees both times.

What are your running goals? I'm still chasing the elusive sub-four hour marathon, but I intend to have fun while in pursuit..

What was your favorite race? I really enjoyed the Clearwater (Florida) Halfathon in 2007. The scenery was beautiful, the heat & wind made the course challenging, the traffic control was outstanding, and the recovery refreshments included Coca-Cola and donuts (and Michelob Ultra if you're into that on a Sunday morning).