Taryn Clark

Taryn Clark

Personal Records

5K32:47Jay Dix Challenge To Cure 2009

How old are you? I am 23 years old.

How long have you ben running? Only one month, and I really enjoy it.

What has influenced you to run? I want to be healthier and be more physically fit.

Weekly mileage: I try to run three miles Mon-Fri.

What is your favorite workout? I take a class at the ARC called "core class", and that's probably my favorite.

What is your favorite place to run? Probably around my neighborhood.

What are your running accomplishments? I participated in my first race last weekend, Jay Dix Challenge to Cure, and my goal was to complete it in 35 minutes. I completed the race in 32 minutes!

What are some of your goals? My goal is to be able to run 5 miles nonstop by July 1st.

Tell a little bit about yourself. I am a full-time dental hygienist. I was born in Weisbaden, Germany. I grew up in Sedalia, Missouri.