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Summer Youth Program

This six-week program stesses personal improvement for kids age 4 through 16.  Held for six consecutive Wednesdays from the first of June through July each year, it attracts more than 100 youngsters for running and walking events (from 200 meters to 3 miles) and field events.

CTC annually awards $500 scholarships to one male and female from each local high school.  To be considered for the scholarships, students must be involved in either track & field or cross country and be an active member of CTC where he/she has volunteered in various running/walking events.  The scholarships are funded by club memberships, club-sponsored events and private donations.  The club also awards scholarships to University of Missouri-Columbia exercise science students.

1988Scott Middlestadt1996Brigitta Hessler2003Jessica Stobie2007Joshua Mantooth2013Nicole Mello
1988Steve Linsenbardt1996Nick Smith2003Nathan Smith2008Melea Shimkus  
1989Scott Middlestadt1997Melissa Pagan2004Ellen Pagan2008Ben Keown  
1990Scott Middlestadt1997Katie Bihr2004Jeff Haddock2009Colin McDonald  
1993Tom Smith1997Jimmy Rambur2004Katie McInvale2009Emma Myers  
1994Dean Brown1997Christian Reed2004Anne Case-Halferty2011Adelyn Myers  
1994Josh Johnson1998Kristi Reams2005Elizabeth Cohen2011Erin Occena  
1994Jenni Cordia1999Angie Stobie2005Jimmy Keown2011Grady Harrington  
1994James Padfield1999Sarah Williams2005Ian McLeod2011Griffin Humphreys  
1994Jeff Jasperse1999Steve Pagan2005Kurt Schauwecker2012Danica Shimkus  
1995Monica Lewis2000Matt Tanner2005Steve Shimkus2012Jordan Cook  
1995Brandon Beissenherz2000Rachel Williams2006Hannah Hassemer2012Connor Gundy  
1995Christian Reed2001Dawn McGavock2006Zachary Chapman2012Devin Sander  

Community good will
CTC lends a helping hand to several hospitals and charitable organizations, including the Junior Olympics, Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Boone County, and the Arthritis Foundation.

this fountain was near Scott Boulevard on the MKT Trail