Heart of America Marathon
Labor Day heart2.gif (4940 bytes) Columbia, Missouri

Never before have we had rain at the start of a Heart of America Marathon. In the 43 years of HOA we have had rain on four other occasions, the last time in 1991, and the rain in each of those events came at around the 3 and 4 hour points, when most of the runners were in. In 2003 we did have rain at the start--a fairly hard rain, which, however, tapered off after 20 minutes or so and, thereafter, we had only a light drizzle off and on the rest of the morning. After a week of 100+ temperatures, the Labor Day weekend came through cool and rainy. This was great for the marathoners who were accustomed to the heat and humidity of a Labor Day in Missouri. The temperature was 64 at the start; it never got above that, in fact, it had dropped to 62 at five hours. The humidity was still 100% most of the morning, but there was also a 100% cloud cover. 38 of the 111 finishers had previously run at least one HOA and 13 of those had an HOA PB.

PATRICK STEWARD had run HOA the three previous years, finishing 10th, 5th and 5th, but improving his time each year with a PB, this year, by 10 minutes. Steward was way out in front by 3 miles and he simply kept increasing his lead throughout. Behind him, at three miles, was a pack of five runners, including the ultimate 2nd, 4th and 6th place finishers. That pack did not include DANN FISHER or STEVE TAYLOR. It did include DAVID DOBKOWSKI in his 18th HOA who came across with a second place finish to go with four first place, two other second place and two third place finishes. That pack at three miles had broken up by six miles, with Dobkowski clearly establishing himself as the guy chasing Steward. No one, however, could handle Steward's negative splits: 1:24:00 and 1:22:24. Fisher also had negative splits (1:32:20, 1:30:35), but Columbia Multi-Sports guru, Steve Taylor had the second best second half of the day, running that half in 1:29:34 after dawdling through the first half in 1:38:20 ranging back in 18th place at 6, then gradually moving up to 16th at 9, 13th at 12, 11th at 1/2 way and 15, 9th at 21 then picking off four other runners before 7th and Broadway.

On the female side, STACY McANELLY sped out to a three minute lead by the three-mile checkpoint, over JESSICA OSTROM, and increased that lead to as much as five minutes at 9 and 12 miles, but the gap began closing as these two attacked Easley Hill, with McAnelly being up by only 3 minutes by the time they each had gained the top of that hill. At 15 the lead was down to two and Ostrom went by easily thereafter, so that she was up by almost 6 minutes at 21 miles and was 9:21 ahead at the finish. Of the top five female finishers, three of them had negative splits: Ostrom 1:51:40 and 1:45:05, CHRISTINE LITTLE a remark- able 1:45:17 second half after a leisurely 2:01:50 first and MARILYN NOLAN with 2:03:45 and 1:54:15. This was the first HOA for each of these women, so somebody gave them some good advice-- hold back, even if it is a cool day--get up to the top of Easley, then take off.

The DAVE SCHULTE AWARD for Improved Performance went to Gene Britten of Corry, PA. His 3:29:55 was a 9.23% improvement over the 3:51:17 he had last year.

Age Records:
Male 66: GEORGE STUMP, Cincinnati, OH had 4:29:59, well under the 5:33:54 set by Rob Spier in 1988. However, it should be noted that Spier's perfor- mance came by race-walking.
Female 46: PATTI MINTON, Gainesville, GA, was in at 3:49:14 going under the 4:11:16 set by Carole Schottman in 1991. Schottman, by the way, was here from Athens, GA, so that record stays in Georgia.
Female 52: MARILYN NOLAN, Springfield, MO, had a 3:58:00, lowering the 5:28:16 belonging to Hazel Matthews from 2001. Nolan didn't list her birthdate on the entry form, so her performance is subject to age verification.

Again, the Heart of America Marathon would not take place without some terrific volunteers. They should be recognized. First, kudos to Josh Johnson for the outstanding leadership he gave in coordinating the Aid Station operation and to the Hickman High School Cross Country runners he recruited to run those stations. Their enthusiasm was a great motivator for the runners. Thanks to Jeanine Pagan for doing a great job in briefing Josh as to what to do and how to do it, and also for helping out on race-day. Other Aid Station helpers: Anne Hessler, Amy, Connor and Heidi Gundy at the finish line and Steve Stonecipher-Fisher, the "iceman." The timing stations: Whitney & Marge Hicks, Jeff & Lisa Wells, David Lang, Dianne Priest, Richard & Kristen Harris, Tom Collier, Don Waltman and David Webber.
The Finish Line: Tom Allen, Steve & Zack Kuhlman, Karen & Chelsea Gordon, Krista White, Linda Wright, Leslie Schneider, Dick Hessler, Jim Crosby, Beth Granberg.
Website results: Kurt Kennett.
Course Monitors: Dick Hessler, Bob Humphreys, Bonnard Moseley, Bill Sappington, Debbie Karwoski, Richard Boggs and Joyce Schulte.
The medical team: Mike Bryant, Dr. Jill Murphey, Tom Lafontaine, Norm Stebbins and the Joe Machens Ford pickup driver, Marion Harlan.
Thanks to the Boone Co. Fire Protection District personnel (Jeff Scott, the head guy) who monitored the course and the runners.
At the finish, for the first time ever, we had a couple of bands which gave quite a festive air to the proceedings. Those bands: "Low-Water Crossing" (with CTC's own Linda Lafontaine) and "Ironweed." Thanks to Brenda Alder for arranging the presence of these bands. She plans to pursue this concept for the 2004 race--more bands at more locations. She had more lined up for this year, but the rain altered those plans.

Race Director - Joe Duncan

Additional notes re some CTC runners: FRANK KOCH was hanging in third most of the way, but Fisher got him on Providence Rd. just before the turn at 24 miles. STEVE BOURGEOIS in 8th place virtually all the way until Taylor sped past him going down College Ave. Bourgeois was in his 6th HOA and was only 46 seconds off his 1999 PB. No doubt he liked the cool weather; a couple of times in the past he was up among the leaders, but faded in the heat and humidity. This was Bourgeois' 15th marathon in some 12 months. CHRIS COOK was in that lead pack behind Steward and then the pack of three behind Dobkowski. Cook was there for the first 20 miles or so, but he gradually slipped back to his 9th place finish. This was his 8th HOA; he has a PB of 3:00:52 and was making a serious effort to get under that elusive 3:00 mark. JAMIE MONDELLO, in his 10th HOA had his 4th best time aat age 48. DWAYNE MILLER, in his third had a PB as did PHIL SCHAEFER, at age 50, in his 4th HOA. ALAN BENJAMIN had a PB by three seconds. JOHN SCHULZ had his second best performance out of 8 HOAs. This was HOA #7 for CLARENCE COATS, his first being 22 years ago. Then there is BOB McKEE, in his 5th HOA, but his 4th was 25 years ago, at age 25, so here he is again at age 50 and we look for him again in 2028 at age 75.

2003 Results
		First		Last				
Place	Time	Name		Name		Age	City		State

1	2:46:24	Patrick    	Steward        	34 M	Rochester   	Mn
2	2:58:29	David		Dobkowski   	45 M	St Louis    	Mo
3	3:02:55	Dann		Fisher		40 M	Manhattan   	Ks
4	3:07:35	Frank		Koch  		38 M	Columbia    	Mo
5	3:07:54	Steve		Taylor		29 M	Columbia    	Mo
6	3:08:33	Paul		Schoenlaub  	44 M	St Joseph   	Mo
7	3:08:47	Steve		Bourgeois   	39 M	Columbia    	Mo
8	3:09:33	Gerhard    	Mels  		41 M	Skokie		Il
9	3:11:22	Chris		Cook	      	32 M	Columbia    	Mo
10	3:14:02	Peter     	Madsen		33 M	Omaha  		Ne
11	3:14:26	Jamie		Mondello    	48 M	Columbia    	Mo
12	3:23:59	Brooke    	Sloss	      	31 M	St Louis    	Mo
13	3:24:25	Mike 		Fitzgerald   	35 M	St Louis    	Mo
14	3:24:25	Jim		Behrens		41 M	St Louis    	Mo
15	3:25:34	Dwayne    	Miller		42 M	Columbia    	Mo
16	3:29:39	Philip    	Schaefer    	50 M	Columbia    	Mo
17	3:29:55	Gene		Britten		46 M	Corry	      	Pa
18	3:30:13	Ronnie    	Wilson		57 M	Ozark 		Mo
19	3:31:37	Diego		Osuna	      	37 M	Denver		Co
20	3:32:01	Bill		Muchnick    	46 M	St Louis    	Mo
21	3:33:07	Rob		Perkins		42 M	Columbia    	Mo
22	3:33:14	Wing-Kwong	Keung	      	52 M	Perrysburg  	Oh
23	3:33:36	Earl		Smith	      	50 M	Benton		Il
24	3:33:41	Brad		Martini		40 M	O'Fallon    	Il
25	3:35:20	Alec		Muthig		32 M	Laramie		Wy
26	3:36:05	Myrrl		McBride		51 M	Albuquerque 	Nm
27	3:36:55	Jessica    	Ostrom		24 F	Columbia    	Mo
28	3:37:34	Alan		Benjamin    	47 M	Columbia    	Mo
29	3:40:42	Peter		Anno	      	33 M	Corona		Ca
30	3:41:20	Ed		Cook	      	47 M	St Louis    	Mo
31	3:42:23	Daniel    	Kovacs		44 M	Overland Park	Ks
32	3:43:51	Alec		Walker		30 M	Alexandria  	Va
33	3:46:16	Stacy		McAnelly    	33 F	St Paul		Mn
34	3:46:16	John		Wilson		38 M	Olathe		Ks
35	3:47:07	Christine  	Little		25 F	Columbia    	Mo
36	3:47:49	Burton    	Heller		32 M	Columbia    	Mo
37	3:48:11	David		Hester		43 M	St Charles  	Mo
38	3:48:32	Chuck		Mehrer		45 M	Lenexa		Ks
39	3:49:14	Patti		Minton		46 F	Gainesville 	Ga
40	3:49:22	Jim		Burt  		34 M	Overland Park	Ks
41	3:49:24	Tom		Olerich		54 M	Olathe		Ks
42	3:49:29	Richard    	Goering		23 M	Agency		Ia
43	3:49:31	Greg		Schluterman   	27 M	Fayetteville	Ar
44	3:51:00	Timothy    	Howey	      	34 M	Overland Park	Ks
45	3:51:00	Kevin		Allen	      	34 M	Olathe		Ks
46	3:54:22	Dan 		Hatcher		43 M	Liberty		Mo
47	3:56:40	Joe		Reinstatler  	41 M	Cincinnati  	Oh
48	3:58:00	Marilyn    	Nolan	      	52 F	Springfield 	Mo
49	3:58:10	Michael    	Shiach		52 M	Bainbridge Island	Wa
50	3:59:08	Todd		Schapira    	36 M	Rocheport   	Mo
51	4:01:13	Alexander  	Kovalev		32 M	Kansas City  	Mo
52	4:01:45	Nichole    	Hilgenberg   	22 F	Columbia    	Mo
53	4:03:20	Don		Shafer		51 M	Watauga		Tx
54	4:04:43	Mark		Wilkinson   	35 M	Overland Park	Ks
55	4:06:15	Brenda    	Leuenberger  	40 F	Columbia    	Mo
56	4:06:21	Denise    	Berry	      	26 F	Ft Leonard Wood	Mo
57	4:07:10	Katie		Gilbert		23 F	Columbia    	Mo
58	4:07:43	John		Schulz		45 M	Columbia    	Mo
59	4:08:42	Richard    	Johnson		49 M	Springfield 	Mo
60	4:08:43	Dan		Jolley		56 M	Springfield 	Mo
61	4:09:07	Tony		Briski		54 M	Menifee		Ca
62	4:10:07	Joseph    	Neubauer    	55 M	Chesterfield	Mo
63	4:11:57	J Glenn    	Phaup	       	39 M	Ashland		Mo
64	4:12:49	Harold    	Meyr	      	50 M	Cape Girardeau	Mo
65	4:14:12	Patricia  	De Vera		29 F	Alexandria  	Va
66	4:22:10	Timothy    	Wilson		31 M	Middletown  	Ct
67	4:23:37	Steven    	Power	      	26 M	Waynesville 	Mo
68	4:27:16	Steve		Kyle	      	43 M	Gulf Breeze 	Fl
69	4:28:01	Mark		Oppenheim   	37 M	University City	Mo
70	4:28:08	Mike		Allen	      	54 M	Dayton		Oh
71	4:28:09	Douglas    	Huff	      	53 M	Macomb		Il
72	4:28:27	Cindy		Turner		35 F	Florissant  	Mo
73	4:29:50	Marty		Robinson    	46 M	Columbia    	Mo
74	4:29:59	George    	Stump	      	66 M	Cincinnati  	Oh
75	4:31:28	Richard    	Hengst		53 M	Cape Girardeau	Mo
76	4:34:40	Clarence  	Coats	      	55 M	Columbia    	Mo
77	4:40:32	Dave		McNaughton   	51 M	Edwardsville	Il
78	4:41:24	Amy		Elmore		27 F	Overland Park	Ks
79	4:44:47	Kevin		Ballard		46 M	Marion		Ia
80	4:45:26	Michelle  	Hinshaw		30 F	Columbia    	Mo
81	4:45:52	Darryl    	Briscoe		45 M	Creve Coeur 	Mo
82	4:48:34	Bob		McKee	      	50 M	Columbia    	Mo
83	4:50:25	Prisa		Humphrey    	30 F	Kansas City 	Mo
84	4:50:49	Rod		Stevens		37 M	Columbia    	Mo
85	4:53:11	Oon Suan  	Albert		43 F	St Peters   	Mo
86	4:55:20	Joel		Sartwell    	43 M	Columbia    	Mo
87	4:55:29	David		Hilgenberg  	26 M	Columbia    	Mo
88	5:03:18	Mike		Yaworski    	42 M	St Clair    	Mo
89	5:05:18	Harley    	North	      	42 M	Ft Hood		Tx
90	5:06:34	Kevin		Albert		43 M	St Peters   	Mo
91	5:10:32	Morgan    	Barlow		23 F	Louisville  	Ky
92	5:10:36	Darrel    	Dorsey		46 M	Kansas City  	Ks
93	5:10:39	Rachel    	Lawler		23 F	Louisville  	Ky
94	5:13:46	Dawn		Ward	      	38 F	Springfield 	Mo
95	5:14:57	Richard    	Worley		56 M	Kingwood    	Tx
96	5:18:00	Melinda    	Kunz	      	27 F	Riverside   	Mo
97	5:18:00	Lance		Kunz	      	26 M	Riverside   	Mo
98	5:22:23	Roxana    	Lewis	      	57 F	Culver City 	Ca
99	5:22:40	Jerry		Franklin    	38 M	Fairview Heights 	Il
100	5:26:59	Adrienne  	Woody	      	23 F	Farmington  	Mo
101	5:28:00	Edward    	Keller		41 M	Topeka		Ks
102	5:37:32	Diane		Ballard		45 F	Marion		Ia
103	5:43:23	Bill		Grass	      	64 M	McAllen		Tx
104	5:43:40	Bree 		Morrison-Florek	52 F	Clearwater  	Fl
105	5:43:42	Deborah    	Vandel		32 F	Clearwater  	Fl
106	5:50:40	Rachel    	Johnson		29 F	Tucson		Az
107	5:50:54	John		Strand		69 M	Orange		Ca
108	5:56:55	Susan		Williams    	49 F	Columbia    	Mo
109	5:56:55	Jack		Hudson		58 M	Mexico		Mo
110	5:57:12	Neil		Brothers    	25 M	Columbia    	Mo
111	6:00:22	Michael    	Raab	      	24 M	Lee's Summit	Mo